Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today's article contains instructions on how to hide, remove, delete, get rid of and prevent the Blogger Navbar from showing up.

Some Reasons to Keep the Blogger Navbar
Before you race off and remove the navbar keep in mind that Blogger provides the navbar at the top of every Blogger blog hosted at Blogspot to allow for easy navigation. If you delete it you will lose this functionality which in many ways is a shame.

Some of the advantages of the navbar apart from ready access to the Dashboard and other Google options such as Google Adsense, Gmail, Google Analytics, Picase Web Albums and Google Webmaster Tools are:

  • Search function for visitors to search your blog
  • Option to visit a random blog (the next blog)
  • Option to flag a blog if it contains objectional material
  • Offers a quick and easy and highly visible button for visitors to start following your blog

Steps to Hide the Blogger Navbar
This method will not delete the navbar it will only prevent it from showing up.

1. Login to Blogger and go to select your blog from the list of blogs if you have more than one

2. Select Layout > Edit HTML

3. Tick the Expand Widgets Template

4. As a precaution you might like to back up your template at this point by clicking download

5. Scroll down about 10-15 lines of code in your template until after the credits and you will see the beginning of the declaration of variables:

/* Variable definitions

6. Immediately before this line and after the end of the credits place the following code:

#navbar { height: 0px; visibility: hidden; display: none;

7. Save your template

8. View your blog without the navbar showing up. It is not actually deleted only hidden

If this code doesn't work the most likely reason is that you have forgotten to tick the Expand Widgets Template box. If you don't do this step Blogger will accept the code into the template but the navbar will still be present

In this Blogger tips article I have shown you how to quickly and easily remove the Blogger navbar from showing up in your Blogger Blogspot blog. Any questions just let me know.

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