Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paypal Donate ButtonIn this tutorial I will show you how to add a Paypal donate button to the sidebar of your Blogger Blogspot blog to encourage readers to reward your hard work. If you have set up your Blogger blog with the object of making a few bucks on the side adding a donate button is one of a number of ways to generate income from your blog. For more tips on how to make money from your Blogger blog please see my article 6 Money Making Tips for Blogspot Bloggers.

1. If you are not signed up for a Paypal account do so now

2. Once you have your account set up login to Paypal

3. Click on the Merchant Services tab

Select Paypal Merchant Services Tab
4. Click on the Donations link found in the right sidebar of the PayPal Website Payments Standard Solution Option One

Select Donations from Paypal Merchant Services page
5. You will now be taken to the Paypal Create a Payment Button screen.

6. Choose Donation from the dropdown menu

7. Select your button if you to have a different one from the default pictured above

8. Select your currency from the range of options in the drop down menu

9. Choose to have donors enter their own contribution amount or set a donation amount by selecting the appropriate radio button

Paypal Create Button Steps
10. Select the Secure Merchant ID radio button otherwise your email address will be visible to all

11. Save your button at Step 2

12. If you want to allow donors to write a short comment you can set this up at the Step 3 Checkout page

13. Click on the Create button

14. After a moment you will be taken to the button code screen where you will need to copy the button code. The easiest way to do this is to right click your mouse and choose copy. Don't forget to logout of Paypal at this point

15. You are now ready to insert your button code into Blogger so begin by logging in

16. Navigate to Layout > Page Elements and click on add a gadget in the sidebar

17. Select the HTML/Javascript widget from the gadget list

18. A dialog box will appear. Paste the button code into the Content box. Right click your mouse and select paste

19. Choose a title that fits with your blog. You can leave the title blank if you wish to

20. Save your widget by clicking on the Save button.

21. In the Layout > Page Elements screen you can position your widget whereever you like in the sidebar. By default it will be at the top. Remember to Save your changes.

22. To view your new button in the sidebar of your blog click on the View Blog link in the tab menu

23. If you are curious to see how your button behaves click on it and you will be taken to the Paypal Checkout screen

Paypal Donate Screen
This tutorial has discussed how to add a Paypal donate button to the sidebar of your Blogger Blogspot blog.

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